Ever seen this on your plush before?




Want to get rid of that pesky fabric wear?


Well now you can!


Pilling is the natural occurrence on many fabrics in which, over time, from dirtying and wear, small balls of fabric clump over the fabric.  It's a real pain and makes pretty plushes and blankets look awful!  So how do you get rid of it?  All you'll need is a tape dispenser and some tape!  Whether you are fixing its condition to pretty up an item in your collection, making an online buy look nicer for a gift, or improving its condition to sell it at a higher price, this trick does the job!


WARNING: This technique is to be used on velboa, cotton, and minky materials ONLY.  Using this technique on faux leather, leather, velvet, plushplush material, and other smooth materials can lead to scraping and tears!


Step 1: If extremely dirty, it is recommended to wash the item first.  See our washing guide that is coming soon for more details. Use tape to remove lint, hair, and other particles from the plush when dry or if the plush only has some loose particles on it.


Step 2: Use the teeth of the dispenser as circled below with light to moderate pressure and brush the fabric where pilling has occurred. Practice on other fabric to get a feel for pressure level if you are uncertain.  It is recommended to do this twice at least.  Repeat this process for more serious pilling.  AVOID threads such as embroidery on the eyes of a plush or near joints where parts are sewn together to prevent pulling up thread and damaging the item.



Step 3: Use the tape to remove brushed and combed fabric that has been pulled from the item.  And Voila!  You're done!  Note: Use smaller scotch tape dispensers for precision and smaller items and packaging/moving tape dispensers for faster results and for larger items.